Best Short Story, 2009

Variant Frequencies published UNDER THE BED as an audio podcast narrated by New York Times Bestselling Author Michael A. Stackpole in April of 2009.

Having Michael Stackpole narrate my story was particularly exciting for me. When I bought my very first iPod, I read somewhere there were these podcast things you could put on there. I stumbled across Mur Lafferty’s I Should be Writing podcast. It was the very first podcast I listened to. Way back on show #4 (September 2005) Mur interviewed Michael Stackpole at DragonCon.

That interview changed my writing life. I had been writing steadily since I was about twelve but stopped once I got to my mid-twenties and “real life” occupied most of my free time.  For almost 15 years I'd barely written anything.

Hearing Mike talk about the craft of writing genre fiction was like listening to Clapton play guitar. It was just

That led me to his podcast
The Secrets. I subscribed to his Secrets Newsletter (and still do) and devoured every issue (The Secrets newsletter is pure GOLD for any writer, by the way).

Every day to and from work, I had Mur Lafferty and Michael Stackpole in my car with me - talking to me through my iPod. I learned that there were other people out there struggling to write genre fiction. I learned it was OK to suck as a writer sometimes. I learned I wasn’t the only one out there “too busy” to write.

Armed with inspiration and a mountain of practical advice, I began to write again.

"Under the Bed" was my sixth short story published since I first started listening to Podcasts. I was thrilled in September of 2009 when Rick Stringer contacted me and let me know the story had won the
2009 Parsec Award for Best Short Story.

I hope you enjoy
listening to it as much as I enjoyed writing it.